Broadband-Hamnet Expands into the 5.8GHz Band

Broadband-Hamnet Greatly Expands its Usefulness, Adds 5.8 GHz Support Broadband-Hamnet is proud to announce a new firmware release, an update to the original Linksys WRT54G/GL/GS gear, and for the Ubiquiti firmware originally released for the 2.4GHz Ham band this past February. With this release, Broadband-Hamnet now supports the Ubiquiti M5-series hardware, giving Hams use of the 5.8 GHz band for mesh networking. Among the release's many new features are the ability to easily connect collocated nodes into clusters and to span the mesh across both ham bands. For more information and to download the firmware, please visit our website For our Development Team: Conrad, KG6JEI, and Andre, K6AH, Jim Kinter, K5KTF Webmaster Broadband-Hamnet

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