Ohio Wide D-STAR Net Moves to XRF38A

With the public launch of XRF38 by the Northern Ohio Digital Interconnect Group a few weeks ago, I have been asked by many of our weekly check in’s to consider switched from DPlus 38 to XRF38. This has largely been driven on the basis of performance and linking flexibility as it pertains to our specific net needs and situations. After careful thought, and consulting with repeater owners, trustees and NODIG, I have decided to make the move. As many know this actually took place prematurely last Sunday, again largely due to the over whelming participation on XRF38. Formally, starting this coming Sunday (1-20-2013), the OWDN will take place each week at 8:01 PM EST on XRF38A. If your repeater can not access the X Reflectors please drop me an email and I will have NODIG’s IT group contact you. They can help you set up the necessary software. KB8ZUN

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