Press Release -Lorain County Wireless Operators

Press Release For Immediate Release, 5 August 2012 Lorain County Wireless Operators Will Operate From The Lorain Harbor Light, US0143 LORAIN COUNTY OHIO – The LCWO is pleased to announce its first group project. LCWO, in conjunction with the Lorain Lighthouse Foundation, Inc. will operate NW8S from the Lorain Harbor Light, US0143, in support of the International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend, 18 & 19 August 2012. The goal of the event is to “Promote public awareness of lighthouses and lightships and their need for preservation and restoration, and at the same time to promote amateur radio and to foster International goodwill. Lighthouses are fast becoming an endangered species with the introduction of Global Positioning Systems and Satellite Navigation and the automation of the light source to solar power which has resulted in the withdrawal of management personnel (Keepers). It is hoped that this event will highlight this situation and help prevent further desecration of these magnificent structures all around the world.” (Source: ILLW) This will mark the first time an amateur radio station has operated from the lighthouse and the first time in decades that the lighthouse will be occupied overnight. There are three light structures in Lorain Harbor. From east to west; Lorain East Detached Breakwater Light, Lorain Middle Breakwater Light & Lorain Harbor Light. The US Army Corps of Engineers completed the lighthouse in 1917 resting it in 30’ of water in wooden cribs filled with sandstone then later encasing its base in concrete. The original focal plane, at 58’, was a Forth Order Fresnel Lens which could be seen for approximately 15 miles out on Lake Erie. The USCG manned the lighthouse from 1939 thru 1965. In 1965 it was decommissioned and slated for demolition. After falling into years of disrepair & vandalism, and an uncertain fate, a group of concerned citizens formed the Port of Lorain Foundation, Inc. saving the lighthouse from the wrecking ball. Currently restoration efforts are underway to return the lighthouse to her status as “Jewel of the Port” Please visit and for more information. Or contact Jeff Evans, KB8ZUN, at